Bridget is a character in Trapped in the Closet.She is the wife of James but is sleeping with "Big Man ".

Chapter 8 : She rushes to the door when James comes nervous and he sees she acting strange. She tries to get James upstairs but he refuses wanting to eat. James knows that someone is around

Chapter 9 : James looks around the kitchen and sees a pie whose sclice is missing and knows she allergic to it. James approaches the cabinet and opens the cabinet Bridget blocks and the narrator reveals that not only is she sleeping with another man but he's a midget.

Chapter 10 : The midget comes out steps in James and trries to leave but James catches him and goes off to call Gwendolyn who gets Sylvester and Twan to help. Bridget grabs a shotgun to defend the midget who is being threatened by James who claims the right to shoot the midget for tresspassing but as James prepares to shoot her in defense Sylvester and Twan come in.

Chapter 11 : Sylvester tries to calm down the situation telling them to put their guns down but refuse unless the other person does it. Sylvester distressed with the previous events states he should never have went to Pajay's where the midget admits he works there as a stripper. Bridget admits that she hired him and gets sick being pregnant and she revales that Big man is the father of her child.

Chapter 22 : Brigdet hears rumors about "The Package " and that she may have it. She calls Big Man and tells them that he may have it himself.

Chapter 23 : Bridget gets a phone call from a stranger and is promised to gain a great deal of money.