The chapter starts off with Odale Myna's answering machine getting a request from Rosie. Everyone important of the cast hears about the package which originated from Chuck and Rufus may have contracted it from him and James may have been on the down low with Chuck at one point and may have given it to Bridget who had sex with "Big Man". Pimp Lucios might even have e package. Each of the characters call one another telling the other that they maybe infected with Gwendolyn calling James and Sylvester. Sylvester is called by Cathy who wonders what is going on. The chapter ends with a to be continued.

Randolph: "Dont you tell me to get off the line" Rosie: "Just get off the line"

Sylvester: "The pastor?" Gwendolyn: "Now listen to me"

James: "What the fuck"

Big Man: "Bridget, talk to me"

Bridget: "It's hard to explain"

Pimp Lucious: "The pa-pa-package"