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Chuck was the lover of Pastor Rufus.

Trapped in the Closet[]

Chapter 2[]

"I can't believe it's a man!"

In Chapter 2, it is unknown that Chuck is actually the lover of Pastor Rufus. He had dropped Rufus off at his apartment home and left, but Rufus called Chuck to return, so he could reveal his secret. Chuck returned as quickly as he could, and eventually arrived at the apartment. He surprised Rufus's wife Cathy and Cathy's lover Sylvester, since he was a man and Rufus's lover.[1]

Chapter 3[]

In Chapter 3, Chuck stays in the background as Cathy and Rufus argue. However, Chuck decides to intervene and introduces himself. He lets the others know that he has been seeing Rufus for approximately a year, but Sylvester stops him from going into further detail. Subsequently, Chuck begins to argue with Cathy. Annoyed at the situation, Sylvester fires off his gun into the ceiling, which scares Chuck, Rufus and Cathy to the ground. Sylvester then leaves in a hurry after making a phone call home.[2]

Chapter 12[]

Chuck threatens to cut Cathy.

"Bitch, who do you think you are? I have the right to love whoever I please!"
―Chuck to Cathy[src]

In Chapter 12, Chuck, Rufus and Cathy get off the floor after the events that occurred in the home. Chuck asks Rufus what it was all about, and Rufus blames Cathy for almost getting them shot. Cathy then remarks on Chuck's homosexuality, stating that she may have a sexually transmitted disease because of him. Chuck is insulted, and threatens to cut Cathy with a razor blade he had in his jacket. Rufus stops him and holds him back, as he and Cathy scream at one another. Rufus stops the yelling, and the two begin to instead stare each other down.

Their argument is interrupted as Cathy gets a phone call from Sylvester's wife, Gwendolyn. Because of this, the argument is never finished, and Chuck leaves.[3]

Chapter 18[]

Chuck on the phone with Rufus.

"'Cause I'm in the hospital!"
―Chuck to Rufus[src]

In Chapter 18, Chuck calls Rufus while he is in church, and the two argue over the phone. Chuck misses Rufus, because Rufus has been ignoring him because of Cathy. Chuck knows this and tells Rufus that he never mentioned Kathy when they were making love. Cathy then comes into Rufus's office, and Rufus thinks he hangs up the phone; instead, he accidentally pressed speaker phone, which allowed Cathy to hear Chuck over the phone. They began arguing and calling each other names, but Rufus intervened and had Cathy leave the office. Rufus then asked Chuck to let him come see him, but Chuck refused. He was distraught by Rufus's desire to end their relationship, and he revealed to Rufus he had been hospitalized. It is suspected Chuck is dead as of Chapter 20.

"The Package" is the supposed reason as to why Chuck is hospitalized.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • "The Package" may have originated with Chuck, since he was in the hospital in Chapter 18, and since Randolph says Chuck was in the hospital because of "The Package". We still dont know why he was in here.


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