Bishop Craig
Bishop Craig
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Bishop Craig was Pimp Luscious's partner in pimping. He attended church with Pimp Luscious and his hoes.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 19Edit

In Chapter 19, Bishop Craig is seen with Pimp Luscious at church. He joins Luscious when Reverend James Moseley calls Luscious to the altar, to speak with him. Moseley tells Luscious that God has told him "he don't want to pimp no more", to which Luscious is confused about. The Peace Within Choir then sings to Luscious, telling him "You can do it, Pimp Luscious". After the singing, Bishop Craig asks Luscious if he is really about to stop pimping and turn to God. Luscious tells Craig to hush, and whispers that he isn't ever going to stop pimping, and that he is only said that because he was in church. Luscious then leaves church with his hoes and Craig.[1]


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