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James is a police officer, and he is the husband of Bridget and was previously the lover of Gwendolyn.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 4-2

James gives Sylvester a ticket

In Chapter 4, James stops Sylvester as he speeds home. During the traffic stop, he flicks away his cigarette and gives Sylvester a ticket, which angered Sylvester. He did not allow Sylvester to give an excuse, because in reality, he was buying time for his lover Gwendolyn, Sylvester's wife, to clean up after he'd left the home.[1]

Chapter 6Edit

"Motherfucker freeze!"
―James to Sylvester[src]

In Chapter 6, James returns to Gwendolyn's home, since he was concerned for her safety. When he arrives at the home, he finds Sylvester's car parked crookedly in the driveway and the backdoor broken into. He hears what he thinks is Gwendolyn crying, although it is simply laughter, and he heads for the bedroom. When breaks in through the door, surprising both Gwendolyn and Sylvester. Sylvester recognizes James, and then he pulls out his gun on him. James tells Sylvester to put his gun down, as does Gwendolyn, and he does so. James smiles and winks at Sylvester, which makes him mad. Sylvester attacks James, and the two wrestle over his gun. On accident, the trigger is pulled and hits Twan, Gwendolyn's brother, in the shoulder as he entered the room.[2]

Chapter 7Edit

In Chapter 7, James blames Sylvester claiming that he warned him something bad could happen. Sylvester tells James that he shouldn't never butted into his and Gwendolyn's life, and then Gwendolyn reminds Sylvester that he was cheating as well. James then claims he wants no part in what happened, and Gwendolyn reminds him that it wasn't what he said when they were in bed together. Sylvester reminds them that Twan was shot and on the floor. Gwendolyn then realizes the man was her brother, and blames both Sylvester and James for his death. However, it turns out Twan isn't dead, merely wounded. James waits around the house as Twan cleans up, and then there is a knock at the door.

Sylvester refuses to open the door because of all the things he'd been through that day, and James says he'll answer the door, scoffing at Sylvester for not being the "man of the house". Sylvester retaliates by grabbing his gun and heading to open the door, and Twan snatches James's gun from his holster. As Twan and Sylvester open the door, James readies his police baton, but all weapons are put down when the knock at the door came from Rose the "nosey neighbor". James takes his gun back and proceeds to his car, to return home.[3]

Chapter 8Edit

Chapter 8-1

James calls Bridget on his way home

"Why you all jittery for?"
―James to Bridget[src]

In Chapter 8, James calls his wife, Bridget, as he pulls out of the driveway and heads home, notifying her that he was on police business. Bridget tells James to take his time, but James arrives at the house sooner than Bridget had expected. As James enters the house, he realizes that Bridget is nervous and jittery. She tries to lead him upstairs and away from the kitchen, which raise James's suspicions. He warns Bridget that bad consequences would follow if she were up to wrongdoing.[4]

Chapter 9Edit

In Chapter 9, James continues to argue with Bridget, telling her to let him know what she'd been up to. Bridget refuses to even look at James, which angers him. He begins to suspect someone is in his home, and he begins to search around the kitchen. He looks around for a few seconds before realizing there was a cherry pie on the kitchen counter with a slice missing, although Bridget was allergic to cherries. He notices Bridget standing in front of a cabinet, and forces her to move. He approaches the cabinet, opens it, to reveal that the man hiding in his home is a midget.[5]

Chapter 10Edit

"Trespassing! Man, I've got the right to shoot you!"
―James to Big Man[src]

In Chapter 10, the midget rushes out of the cabinet, kicking James in the shin, giving him time to escape. James tells the midget to freeze, and dives over the kitchen table to catch the midget. He begins to beat on the midget with punches, as he warns Bridget to stay back. After the midget gives in, James sits him on the table, and threatens to shoot him for trespassing. The midget defecates out of fear, as Bridget rushes upstairs and calls Gwendolyn to help her. After Bridget finishes upstairs, she comes back to the kitchen with a double barrel shotgun, and tells James not to hurt the midget. James is angered at the fact that Bridget would shoot him for the midget. He then points his gun at Bridget, stating that someone was going to die in that kitchen.

Just as he asks Bridget to put the gun down, Sylvester and Twan bust into his house, telling him to do the same, as he points his Beretta. Sylvester winks at James as James had done to Sylvester earlier, as the three guns are pointed all around the room.[6]

Chapter 11Edit

Chapter 11-1

James and the others with their guns

"Hey, hey! Chuck and Rufus, let's get back to the matter at hand!"
―James to Sylvester and Big Man[src]

In Chapter 11, the midget reveals that he is a stripper named "Big Man", because he is "blessed" in the pants. James laughs at his name, as do the others. Sylvester tries to convince both James and Bridget to put their guns down, however they both refuse to do so. As Sylvester and Big Man begin to get acquainted, James tells them to get back to the matter at hand, and accidentally calls them Chuck and Rufus. Sylvester asks him how he knows Chuck and Rufus, but James denies that he said their names. Bridget then lets everyone know she feels sick, and they don't believe her until James tells them that she is three months pregnant.

James points his gun at Sylvester and Twan, telling them to leave. Bridget intervenes and stops the commotion by revealing that her baby's daddy is Big Man, not James.[7]

Chapter 22Edit

"What the fuck?"

In Chapter 22, James is called during his work hours at the Chicago Police Department by Gwendolyn. He asks Gwendolyn why she is calling him since she ended their relationship the day before, and Gwendolyn replies that their relationship is over, but that she had important news for him. She tells James that Sylvester had slept with her friend Cathy, whose husband Rufus slept with Chuck. James simply blurts out "What the fuck?", since, as revealed in Chapter 11, he knows Chuck and Rufus.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • James was originally portrayed by another actor, however Williams replaced him in further chapters, and digitally replaced him in Chapter 4. The original actor can only be seen on the TP3 Reloaded DVD of Trapped in the Closet's first five chapters.


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