James Moseley (once referred to as Moseley James Evans) is a Reverend at the church at which Rufus works as a pastor. He is physically portrayed by R. Kelly.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 18Edit

In Chapter 18, Reverend Moseley was shown preaching in church as the Peace Within Choir sings "Jesus Will Work it Out." He then calls Pimp Luscious up to the front of the church.

Chapter 19Edit

"Now, Pimp Lucius, God is telling me you don't wanna pimp no mo'. He's saying to me [...] you wanna stop pimping all these hoes and turn yo' life around. Now, if you wanna, God'll do it for ya!"
―Reverend James Moseley[src]

Reverend Moseley is shown trying to convince Pimp Lucius to turn over a new leaf and give his life to God. Lucius pretends to go along with it, only to reveal to Bishop Craig that he does not actually intend to do so.

Chapter 23Edit

Reverend Moseley is shown accepting a mysterious phone call along with everyone else.

Chapter 29Edit

Reverend Moseley is shown on TV advertising his new book, the strangely familiar-sounding "Trapped in the Closet." He blasphemously proclaims it to be the new Bible, and starts dancing about like a child while talking. Roxanne is shown watching and proclaiming that Reverend Moseley is a con artist.