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Joey is a mobster who work works underground beneath a club. He has a lot of security on the premises, whom are often referred to as "goons". Joey has known Sylvester for some time, and has known Sylvester's father, Odale, for a long time.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 21Edit

"Brother-in-law, is he? Well, he smells like a copper to me!"

In Chapter 21, Joey is seen eating spaghetti in his office. Sylvester visits him, with Twan, on a business proposal. However, Joey doesn't like Twan, and makes fun of him by calling him "LL Fool J",[1]which angers Twan. Twan then calls Joey the "blob father", to which Joey is angered and kicks both Twan and Sylvester out. To prevent getting kicked out, Sylvester tells Twan to wait outside so he and Joey could discuss business in private. They do so, and they plan to possibly heist a train that is coming in from Indiana the following Thursday at midnight.

"What are you, a wise guy? I'm just breaking your balls!"
―Joey to Twan[src]
Chapter 21-5

Joey makes a deal with Sylvester

In the end, Joey and Sylvester seal the deal, and say their goodbyes. When Joey exits his office, Twan was having a nightmare and screaming in his sleep, since he had fallen asleep from boredom. Joey then makes fun of Twan again. As Sylvester departs, Joey tells him to say hello to his wife, Gwendolyn. Joey then continues to smoke his cigar and goes about his business.[2]

In Twan's dream, Sylvester attempted to persuade Joey, using a gun, to open his safe. Joey declined, and had his goons enclose on Sylvester.

Chapter 23Edit

Joey along with the cast recieves a strange phone call.

Chapter 33Edit

Joey was mentioned by Beeno whom reveals that Joey shot him in the neck and knows Sylvester has an affiliation with him.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. "LL Fool J" is a play on the rapper LL Cool J's name, due to Twan's resemblance to the rapper.
  2. Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 21