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Pimp Luscious
Pimp Luscious
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Luscious, better known as Pimp Luscious, was a pimp in Chicago. He had a lot of hoes, whom he obtained with his pimping parter, Bishop Craig. Luscious also had a sever stuttering problem.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 18Edit

In Chapter 18, Pimp Lucius was minding his own business at church, when Reverend James Moseley told him to "come on down" to the altar.[1]

Chapter 19Edit

Chapter 19-1

Pimp Luscious in church

"Let's go get this mmm... mmm... money!"
―Pimp Lucius[src]

In Chapter 19, Reverend James Moseley tries to persuade Pimp Lucius to stop pimping. The Peace Within Choir begin to sing to Lucius, telling him that he can stop pimping. Luscious seemingly accepts as he is about to leave the church. His companion, Bishop Craig, asks Lucius if he is really going to stop pimping. Lucius says that he is only saying that because of church, and that pimping is for life.

The two then leave the church, with all their hoes. Accidentally, Lucius blurts out several cuss words in church.

During the church scene, Lucius's stuttering problem was made obvious.[2]

Chapter 22Edit

"Who, when and where got what? […] The p-p-p-package!"
―Pimp Lucius[src]

In Chapter 22, Pimp Lucius is bragging about a ho over the phone with Bishop Craig. He gets a phone call from one of his contacts, whom he refers to as "bitch", who tells him that Rufus, the Pastor, got "The Package".[3]

Chapter 23Edit

In Chapter 23, Lucius is shown getting a mysterious phone call along with everybody else.

Chapter 24Edit

We find out here that it was indeed Lucius who hit Tina and gave her bad nerves. It is also shown that Lucius had fallen on hard times because his hoes aren't bringing in enough money. He later asks Sylvester and Twan for some money and a place to stay.

Chapter 25Edit

It is discovered that Pimp Lucius went to high school with Sylvester, only to drop out and become a pimp. Pimp Lucius also refuses to talk to his parents, becuase he feels as though they resent him due to his lifestyle choice. He is also revealed to believe that he is hearing the voice of God after his moment in church.

Chapter 31Edit

Lucius takes Sylvester's advice and sees his parents who are revealed to be Rosie and Randolph. Randolph refuses to have anything to do with his son, while Rosie insists that Randolph be hospitable (even calling him by his embarrassing middle name, Douglas.) Just when it seems that Lucius reached an understanding with his parents, his hoes decide to check up on him, completely ruining it.

Chapter 32Edit

Randolph denies Lucius money and a place to sleep, and Lucius chews out his prostitutes for ruining his chances of reconciling with his parents. In a confessional, Lucius wonders aloud how his own father would do something like that to him.

"Call me a pimp, a thug, I'm still his blood. How could he do this to me?"
―Pimp Lucius[src]

Behind the scenesEdit


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