Roxanne is a close friend of Tina and the owner of a diner.

Chapter 14: When Sylvester goes to talk to Tina she yells for Roxanne and comes out with the skillet and threaten him but Twan shows up threatening to murder them.

Chapter 15: Twan revealed that he knows Tina and Roxanne and are the ones responsible for his imprisonment. Sylvester asks Roxanne to explain what really happened she explains that three years ago she and Tina were vacationing with Twan. Initially they were having a good time but Twan starts smoking weed and turning up the music. Roxanne tells him to stop but he doesn't and the police pursue him for his reckless driving but tries to get away.The car breaks down and the three are arrested where Twan tells them not to say anything. While being interrogated Twan lies that Tina and Roxanne were on weed and Tina doesn't say anything but Roxanne confesses that Twan was lying and he was imprisoned.She tells Twan that Tina was protecting him because she was pregnant.

Chapter 16: Twan doesn't believe that the child was his and Tina's eye twitches and Roxanne tries to help her. Sylvester asks what wrong with Tina and Roxanne tells him Tina was hit in the eye by a pimp and has bad nerves. Twan becomes sympathetic and talks to Sylvester where Roxanne tells them that she need to close but Sylvester points a gun on her and continues his conversation with Twan. Roxanne overhears Sylvester telling Twan to talk to Tina and becomes jealous and kisses Tina revealing they are lovers.

Chapter 17: Sylvester points his gun out on the two women with Twan encouraging to shoot them but refuses admitting that he likes lesbianism and leaves telling Twan to leave it alone. Twan threatens to come back and murder the two and was about to hit Roxanne until Sylvester tells him to get in the car and leaves.

Chapter 23: Roxanne and Tina get a mysterious phone call.

Chapter 29: Roxanne and Tina are watching the Reverend's advertisement of his new book and she calls him a con artist. Tina tells her to not call him that and tells her she has to teach her some things. Tina gets angry and states that Roxanne doesn't treat her as an equal and is the reason why the father of her child isn't around as she drove him away. Tina ends their lesbian relationship and decides to find Twan. She is in the confessional saying Tina has been ungrateful and she's better with her than Twan.