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Chapter 1

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Rolando Boyce

Rufus is the Pastor of the local Chicago church, and he is the husband of Cathy. He is also the lover of Chuck.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 1Edit

"There's mystery going on and I'm going to solve it!"

In Chapter 1, Rufus arrives home after being dropped off by his secret lover, Chuck, unbeknown to the others. He enters the bedroom to greet his wife Cathy, and the two soon begin to fool around. However, just as the moment begins to get intimate, Sylvester's phone rings as he hides in the closet. Rufus is immediately alerted to someone else's presence in his home, and tells Cathy he is going to find him. Rufus searches in the bathroom, under the bedroom, and finally, in the closet, where he finds Sylvester.[1]

Chapter 2Edit

Chapter 2-2

Rufus calls Chuck, to reveal his secret.

"Well since we're all coming out the closet, I'm not about to be the only one who's broken hearted…"
―Rufus to Cathy[src]

In Chapter 2, Rufus steps back from Sylvester as he comes out of the closet with his gun. Rufus and Cathy begin to argue, with Rufus calling Cathy names. He also tells Sylvester that if he didn't have the gun, he would be fighting him. He also tells Sylvester he is a Pastor. During their argument, Chuck calls Rufus, and Rufus lets the others know that he too has a secret to reveal. He answers Chuck's call and tells him to come back to the apartment. As Sylvester grows inpatient, he threatens to shoot Rufus, but eventually Chuck comes knocking at the door, and shock's Sylvester and Cathy.[2]

Chapter 3Edit

In Chapter 3, Rufus and Cathy argue over their affairs, as Sylvester and Chuck look on. Eventually, Sylvester again grows inpatient. He shoots his gun off into the air as Rufus and Cathy argued, stopping the chaos in the home. He then leaves the home immediately, as Rufus and the others are left on the floor.[3]

Chapter 12Edit

"A wife, pastor and a deacon; now would that look in the news?"
―Rufus to Cathy and Chuck[src]

In Chapter 12, Rufus, Chuck and Cathy are getting up from the floor after Sylvester leaves. They all begin to argue again, with Rufus in the middle of it. He attempts to settle them both down, reminding them that they wouldn't want the news of their affairs out in the open. However, their discussion isn't finished, since Cathy gets a phone call from Gwendolyn. This angered both Rufus and Chuck.[4]

Chapter 18Edit

Chapter 18-3

Rufus gets Chuck's call at church.

"Chuck! This is going to be hard, but I love my wife! And besides I'm a man of God!"
―Rufus to Chuck[src]

In Chapter 18, Rufus is at the church, singing and dancing with Reverend James Moseley and the "Peace Within Choir". As he enjoys himself, he suddenly gets a phone call from Chuck. Rufus leaves his seat and heads to his office, where he states he needs to be alone. He then proceeds to talk to Chuck, and the two argue on why Rufus hasn't called him. Rufus says he has been busy, but Chuck knows that it is because of Cathy. Chuck then tells Rufus that he never mentioned Cathy when they would make love, and at that moment, Cathy walked into the office. Rufus tells Chuck he'll call him back, and thinks he hangs up the phone. Cathy asks him who it was over the phone, but before Rufus could answer, Chuck cries out and Cathy hears him, since he was accidentally put on speakerphone.

Cathy and Chuck begin to argue and call each other names over the phone, but Rufus intervenes and tells Cathy to leave. She mentions that they had just resolved their problems, and Rufus tells her that he'd take care of it. As Chuck begins to cry out for Rufus and begging him not to leave him, Rufus realizes that he loves his wife and must be devoted to his Christian faith. Chuck tells Rufus that he won't accept that and he'd go to the news, but Rufus tells him not to and asks him to let him come see him. Chuck says no, and when Rufus asks him why, Chuck lets him know that he has been hospitalized.[5]

It is rumored that "The Package" is the reason why Chuck is in the hospital, and that Rufus may as well have it, as Randolph said to his wife Rose in Chapter 20.[6]


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