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Street is a contact of Twan.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 14Edit

Street calls Twan about some information on Tina that Twan had asked for. Street tells Twan that Tina has given up whoring herself and actually got a job, to which both Street and Twan laugh at. Street is able to get the exact address to where Tina is working at, which is in a restaurant called "Shay Shay's Diner". Street also let's Twan know that Roxanne is working at the restaurant as well. After Twan realizes he is parked outside of the restaurant, he hangs up the phone call with Street.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • There was some confussion on Street's name being Joe, but R. Kelly cleared it out on the Chapters 1 - 22 DVD in the "Kells' commentary remix(ed)" part under Special Features.[1]


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