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Sylvester is the main protagonist in Trapped in the Closet. Sylvester is married to Gwendolyn, is the brother-in-law of Twan, the son of Myrna and Odale, and an accomplice of Cathy and Joey.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 1Edit

"How could've I been so stupid to have laid here 'til the morning sun?"

In Chapter 1, Sylvester is shown waking up in a home that isn't his. He realizes this after the woman he slept with, Mary, kisses him good morning. Sylvester gets his clothes and things ready so he can leave, however he is stopped by Mary, since her husband Rufus has arrived at the apartment complex. Sylvester is confused as to why he can't leave, and the two try to figure out a solution on how Sylvester can hide. Sylvester suggests getting out through the window, however Mary lets him know they are on the fifth floor, and so that is taken out of the question. Finally, Sylvester is pushed into the closet by Mary. Rufus then comes into the home, and he and Mary begin to fool around. Unfortunately for Sylvester, his cell phone rings as he hides in the closet, which alerts Rufus to someone's presence other than his own. Rufus searches throughout the entire apartment home, and when he finally opens the closet, Sylvester comes out pointing his Beretta at him.[1]

Chapter 2Edit

"I can't believe it's a man!"

In Chapter 2, Sylvester, Rufus and Mary all begin to argue. It is revealed that Mary's real name is actually Cathy, and Mary is just an alias. During the arguments, Sylvester says he wants to leave, however he is stopped by Rufus who mentions he still has to reveal his secret to him and to Cathy. In the end, Sylvester threatens to shoot both Cathy and Rufus if they don't let him out the door. Just as he finishes counting to four, Rufus's mysterious lover knocks on the door, and when Rufus opens it, Sylvester is left in shock, since the secret lover is a man named Chuck.[2]

Chapter 3Edit

"Not another one of you sons of bitches say a word! 'Cause all of this that I'm going through is unheard!"
Chapter 3-3

Sylvester discharges his firearm, scaring the others to the floor.

In Chapter 3, Sylvester is still in shock over Rufus's revelation. He mentions he has to leave, but is stopped again by Cathy. She convinces him to stay to listen to how the whole ordeal began, and Sylvester says that they have three minutes. At first nobody talks, but then Cathy and Rufus begin to argue again. Sylvester says he did not stay to hear them argue again, and then Chuck intervenes, stating that he can explain. As he begins to detail his relationship with Rufus, Sylvester tells him to spare him the details. Again, Rufus and Cathy begin to argue, but this time with Chuck in the middle of it. Sylvester gets frustrated and shoots hit gun off into the ceiling. The others are scared and fall to the ground. Sylvester calls his home in the midst of the madness, and is shocked to hear a man's voice over the telephone. He leaves Cathy's apartment quickly and without a second thought.[3]

Chapter 4Edit

"Woman I called this home and a man picked up my phone!"

In Chapter 4, Sylvester is seen dashing home in his car, in a hurry to find out who answered his phone. However, he is caught speeding and stopped by Officer James, and given a ticket. Sylvester then heads home and when he arrives, he parks his car crookedly. He breaks through his own back door and finds his wife Gwendolyn showering. When he asks her who answered the phone, she lies and says it was her brother Twan. Sylvester apologizes for suspecting her of cheating on him, and the two proceed to make love. During intercourse, Sylvester catches a cramp and ends up throwing Gwendolyn off of him. When he pulls back his bedsheets, he finds a condom, which apparently had been used by Gwendolyn and another man.[4]

Chapter 5Edit

"Well, well, well; What the fuck is this? A condom in my bed? You better start talking fucking bitch…"

In Chapter 5, Sylvester begins to question Gwendolyn on the situation, and she is in disbelief. Sylvester suspects that the mystery man in still in the home, but Gwendolyn tells him that he left after he called the house. The two argue, and Gwendolyn reveals that she was at the club with her lover, when she saw Sylvester with another woman, whom she did not know was Cathy. Sylvester then tells Gwendolyn to stay on the subject, and has her tell him her lover's name. Gwendolyn hesitates, but eventually admits that it was the police officer who stopped Sylvester, James, whom Gwendolyn had been sleeping with.[5]

Chapter 6Edit

Chapter 6-4

Sylvester and James face off.

In Chapter 6, after Gwendolyn's revelation, Sylvester cannot help but laugh about the whole situation. Gwendolyn is puzzled at first, but then the two both begin to laugh uncontrollably. Sylvester tells Gwendolyn about his day, and vice versa. Meanwhile, James comes back to the house out of concern for Gwendolyn. When he arrives, he thinks that Sylvester is hurting Gwendolyn, and he surprises him by busting into the room pointing his gun. Sylvester recognizes James, and the two stare each other down. Sylvester pulls out his gun, and the two continue to stare at each other. James warns Sylvester to put his gun down, as Gwendolyn begs the same from him. Sylvester complies, but is outraged when James winks and smiles after Sylvester puts his gun down. Sylvester, in a rage after visualizing Gwendolyn and James in bed together, attacks James. The two end up wrestling over James's gun as Gwendolyn screams at them to stop. Accidentally, the trigger goes off, and shoots Twan in the shoulder, just as he enters the bedroom.[6]

Chapter 7Edit

"'Cause I'm not opening up another motherfucking door!"

In Chapter 7, the three begin to panic after the gunshot goes off in the bedroom. They all argue, and James blames Sylvester for the shooting. Sylvester retaliates by stating that none of the events would've happened had Gwendolyn not been cheating, but Gwendolyn reminds Sylvester he'd been doing the same. A few seconds later, James and Gwendolyn begin to argue. Sylvester reminds them that Twan had been shot, and to check if he was alive or dead. Gwendolyn then realizes that it was Twan who got shot, and thinks Twan is dead. Sylvester tries to convince Gwendolyn it wasn't his fault, but she wouldn't listen. Suddenly, Twan awakens coughing and lets everyone know he is fine. Sylvester then tells Twan about everything that happened that day, and they subsequently hear a knock at Sylvester's front door.

Sylvester is tired of all the situations he had been through that day, and at first refuses to open the door. However, after his manhood is challenged by James, he changes his mind, but warns everyone that he will shoot whoever is at the door. Twan takes James's gun from his holster and joins Sylvester in opening the door after a countdown, and they are surprised to see Rose the "nosey neighbor". Both Sylvester and Twan put their guns down as Rose is brought into the house, and James takes his gun and leaves the home.[7]

Chapter 8Edit

In Chapter 8, Sylvester is seen is his home with Gwendolyn, Twan, and Rose. They are discussing the incident that had just occurred at Sylvester's house. Sylvester jokingly asks Rose what she planned on doing with the spatula she brought after hearing the gunshot, which brought on laughter for everyone.[8]

Chapter 10Edit

"You put the gun down!"
Chapter 10-4

Sylvester and Twan come to Bridget's aid.

In Chapter 10, Sylvester and Gwendolyn have reconciled, and he is seen smoking a cigar and playing a card game with Twan. Just as Gwendolyn is about to sit down, she receives a phone call from James's wife, Bridget, who begs for someone to come and help her. Gwendolyn gives Sylvester the address of the James's home, and Sylvester and Twan head over there immediately. When Sylvester arrives at the residence, he breaks in through the front door, pointing his gun at James. James had caught Bridget with the stripper "Big Man", and a standoff had occurred. Sylvester and Twan both noticed a terrible smell in the home, which was Big Man's feces, since he had defecated out of fear.[9]

Chapter 11Edit

"How do you know Chuck and Rufus?"

In Chapter 11, Sylvester tries to convince James and Bridget to put each of their weapons down, however they both refuse. At the same time, Sylvester realizes that he had seen Big Man somewhere before. Big Man tells Sylvester that he had been to the Par'jay's Club, where Sylvester had been the night before, and that is where Sylvester may know him from. James intervenes in their discussion, calling them "Chuck and Rufus" in the process. Sylvester then suspects James of knowing Chuck and Rufus, but James denies ever saying their names. Bridget then mentions she is going to throw up, and James tells the others that she is sick. At first, Twan and Sylvester don't believe him, until they learn Bridget is three months pregnant. Then, James points his gun at Sylvester and Twan, telling them to leave. At that same moment, Sylvester gets a phone call from Gwendolyn, who wants to know if everything was alright, to which Sylvester replies "Hell no!" and hangs up. Bridget stops all the ongoing arguments in the home, to reveal that she is pregnant by Big Man, and not James. Sylvester and Twan are left in awe, and leave the home.[10]

Behind the scenesEdit


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