Twan is the secondary main character of Trapped In The Closet. He is the younger brother of Gwendolyn and brother-in-law of the protagonist Sylvester. Ass Chapter 6

Twan is accidentally shot by officer James in his struggle with Sylvester.

Chapter 7

Twan initially believed dead wakes up revealing he has a minor injury from the shot and puts a patch to help recover while Sylvester tells him everything that's happened.The doorbell rings and Sylvester thinks someone is trying to harass him and takes his gun while Twan takes James' gun and open the door but it turns out to be Rosy the nosy neighbor.James takes back his gun from Twan and leaves.

Chapter 8

Twan, Sylvester, and Gwendolyn laugh as Rosie tells them she never trusted James believing he was up to something.

Chapter 10

Bridget calls Gwendolyn to help settle the issue with James and the midget and she gets Sylvester and to go. While the conflict escalates Sylvester and Twan come in the house.

Chapter 11

Sylvester attempts to calm the situation but James and Bridget refuse to put down their guns. Twan insists on shooting them but Sylvester refuses to. After leaning the midget is called big man Bridget gets sick due to pregnancy with Twan refuses to believe her and insists on shooting James. James starts getting hostile and Twan insults him but Bridget breaks it up saying she was aware of his affair and she is pergnant by Big man not James. Twan asks Sylvester for his gun and is given where he points his gun to everyone whom is distracted by what was just said.

Chapter 13

Sylvester goes on somewhere and tells Twan not to act up as he was just sent to prison and Twan blames it on Tina and Roxanne and they go to a coffee shop and Twan stays behind while Sylvester goen in to get money from someone who owes him.

Chapter 14

Twan gets a call from Joe and tells him Tina works in the coffee shop they are at and threatens to kill them as Tina and Roxanne are about to assault Sylvester.

Chapter 15

Twan insults the women and nearly gets into a fight with Roxanne Sylvester tells Twan he'll take care of it and tells the women what really happened so they can resolve the issue. The women reveal that Twan hired them to go on vacation but he starts smoking weed and the police take notice. Twan tries to get away but his car breaks down and the three are arrested. Twan assigns blame to them but Roxanne gives him up and Twan is arrested for drug possession resisting arrest and lying to the police. It turns out Tina protected him because she was pregnant.

Chapter 16

Sylvester congratulates Twan on being a father but doesn't believe Tina and the women threaten to sue him for child support. Sylvester tries to calm them down and asks why Tina's eye flinches so much. Tina was punched by a pimp and Twan feels sympathetic and wonders if he really is her bay's father. Sylvester tells him that he knows Twan's been thinking about making a change and convinces him to go "holla" at her but when he does a jealous Roxanne kisses Tina suggestively saying"I'm fucking her now".

Chapter 17

Sylvester points his gun on the women with Twan encouraging to shoot them but doesn't saying he "likes that kind of shit" and leaves. Twan threatens to buy a gun to kill the women and is about beat Roxanne but Sylvester tells him to "bring his ass" and takes his jacket and leaves.

Chapter 18

While Sylvester is driving Twan is angry and Sylvester tries to calm him down but doesn't. Sylvester gets called by Gwendolyn and tells him his dad was arrested and Sylvester jokes with Twan and her and tell her he'll hurry back.

Chapter 21

Sylvester tells Twan that he is going to meet someone and that Twan needs to keep his cool otherwise "their ass is grass" and emphasizes that Twan stays seated. When they meet the man Joey accuses Twan of being a cop and insults him and Joey tells his men to throw them out. Sylvester tells Twan to wait outside and he falls asleep. Twan has a nightmare here he armwrestles a goon takes his gun and Sylvester tries to rob Joey but his men gang up on him with guns. Sylvester wakes him up with his buisness with Joey being done and Joey makes fun of him and they leave.

Chapter 22

Twan hears the rumors about "the package" and threatens to hurt someone and Sylvester tells him to relax. unlike most of the cast Twan is not at risk as he did not have sex with any of the characters who may be infected.